We're back!


Way back in the groovy old days of 2016, I bought this domain, and set up a little Jekyll blog on Github Pages. About two months after that, my second son was born, and all of a sudden, blogging wasn't as much of a priority. It's wild and somewhat humbling to think that the last post there was almost 7 years ago. A lot of time has passed, and my life has changed a lot, but in many ways I guess I'm still the same guy, bumbling around and trying to figure it all out.

My motivations back then were somewhat different than today. If I'm being totally honest, at that time I thought that having a tech blog was a necessary step in making more money as an engineer. I was still pretty fresh in my career as a developer, and I was hungry for any opportunity to cement myself as someone with big important opinions. Surely I could get paid more if I had an online presence!

That didn't really turn out to be the case, but that's OK. Every once in a great while, my past self gets something right, and I guess with a brand new baby on the way and a toddler running around, I had more important things to do. My career advanced just fine in the absence of regular blogging.

I've built this little site as a place to dump my ramblings and to host little projects and experiments. If you're reading this, I hope you'll find something here that interests you.

Rest in peace, old Jekyll blog. You served your time. Now, on to something new!

P.S. - please note that in the screenshot of the old blog, I mention that "in the future, this site is totally badass." It only took seven years, but I think I'm one step closer to that aim - ha!

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